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Aidertech has signed a collaboration agreement with
the leading Finnish intellectual property company
Kolster Oy Ab (  23.1.2012 

Kolster Oy Ab and Aidertech Inc. have signed a collaboration agreement that will strengthen and complement their service offering to customers. Kolster can utilize Aidertech’s IP strategy services for its customers to complement Kolster’s own service concept and resources. Likewise Aidertech’s customers will have access to Kolster’s service at a competitive cost.

Aidertech provides IP strategy consulting for global technology companies. IP strategy will be based on the competitive situation of each business, product group or technology. Aidertech will also provide training in applying the strategy. Jan Ekström Aidertech’s founder and Managing Director has been also lecturing on IP strategy at Aalto University and the University of Eastern Finland.


“Businesses require tailored IP strategies depending on their competitive landscapes. One strategy will not be most effective one for all product lines or business units that are in different competitive situations” comments Mr. Ekström.


”Kolster’s and Aidertech’s co-operation supports the needs of our customers and enables us to offer a complete set of services. The extensive tradition and knowhow of Kolster in IP protection together with Aidertech’s business driven approach in IP strategy helps our customers to sharpen and streamline their IP strategy. With the help of the collaboration we can better serve our customers.”


Kolster’s Director of Sales and Customer Relations Solveig Nylund comments:


”This agreement provides us with an experienced partner to complement our IP strategy services. Kolster can deepen Aidertech’s services with various patent searches as well as freedom to operate and infringement analyses. Kolster will also implement and maintain the registration of rights in accordance with the chosen strategy. Opposition of patents and trademarks, disputes and litigation as well as negotiations, settlements and various agreements for defending and utilizing IP rights are core know how of Kolster.”



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